Keynote Speaker & Master of Ceremonies

Paul Cater Deaton

PCD prepares to board the helicopter in Cuba after filming the historic, world-record smashing "Apache Star" speedboat run from Key West to Havana. Paul filmed aerials of the epic crossing, and supporting footage in Havana.                           Photo: Lex Barker

"I've had the pleasure of attending several film festivals emceed by Paul, and they are by far the most memorable ones I've seen. He is charismatic, funny, entertaining, talented, has great timing, and really knows how to keep an event moving."                 Alexandra Rose - Ocean Geographic Magazine

"His lively narrative and stunning underwater shots captivated the audience, who asked him a number of questions and even followed him after his presentation."                        Philippines Dept. of Tourism

"Paul Cater Deaton… takes viewers to the far corners of the globe and under the sea with his skillful photography and wit."                                                     St. John School of the Arts Film Festival

"Entertaining, informative, sincere. Paul Cater Deaton delivers. A lifetime of experience around the globe, both above and below the waterline, has given Paul a unique perspective. Not to mention his slightly quirky view of our planet. Sit back, relax, and view this world through the eyes of PCD. You will not be disappointed."                                                              Michael Lawrence - Noted Photojournalist

"From the opening scene (of Lionfish, the Beautiful Outlaw), you know you're in for something different. The interviews ground the film in quality insight, while the pacing and humor entertain as well as educate."                                                                                                       SCUBA Emporium News

"Paul Cater Deaton is not your everyday guy with a video cam. He gets the big picture. This Texan, who lives in St. Thomas… is a one-man production powerhouse."                      Virgin Voice Magazine

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